Reverse Engineering
Design & Development

We can help you design and develop your product from an idea through to a working prototype. Our facilities enable us to provide any number of prototypes, alterations and developments. We are happy to provide details of the production method from raw material to finished product in order to help your company estimate and determine lead times, schedules and production plans.

Show us the problem and we will work with you to find the answer. Our state of the art precision measuring equipment and associated CAD applications enable us to discover the structure and function of your existing product or item. We can also reproduce this as a 2D or 3D CAD drawing, or work with you to Design & Develop prototypes or direct replacements or improvements on original designs from scratch.

We guarantee discretion and design security throughout all stages of the development process with your intellectual property being handed over to you or destroyed at your request on completion.

This service is particularly suited to “one offs” such as obsolete replacement components and reworking or original parts, or prototypes for your latest development project.

Please contact us to discuss your reverse engineering or design & development requirements.