Machining Services

Turning Services

We have the capacity to turn 300mm dia x 1200mm length between centres. Our largest headstock bore diameter is 56mm enabling us to run bars of up to 55mm diameter through the machine.

Turning Capacity and Machine List

  • Mazak 625 Multiplex Mark II

    65mm Through Spindle, twin spindle, twin turret with C axis driven tooling.
    OD Turn 250mm, Turn Length 200mm

  • Mazak QT 35N

    75mm Through Spindle
    OD Turn 400mm, Turn Length 1000mm

  • Mazak SQT 18 Mark II

    Magazine Bar feeder, 65mm Through Spindle, C axis driven tooling, Subspindle for second ops.
    OD Turn up to 300mm, Turn Length 300mm

  • Colchester Tornado 300

    75mm Through Spindle
    300mm OD Turn, Turn Length 500mm

  • Haas SL20

    Magazine Bar Feeder, 50mm Through Spindle
    250mm OD Turn, Turn Length 200mm

  • Colchester Triumph 2000

    Manual Lathe
    300mm OD Turn, Turn Length 1200mm


  • Turn profile
  • Drill
  • Bore
  • Chamfer
  • Knurl
  • Thread turn
  • Part off

Milling Services

We have the capacity to mill 800mm length x 500mm width with either manual or semi CNC machine.

Milling Capacity and Machine List

  • Chiron M800 super high speed 5 axis milling machine

    5 Axis simultaneous Milling, 40 tool turret
    850mm x 340mm x 450mm x 400mm bed and rotary axis.

  • Cincinnati Arrow 1000

    3 Axis Mill with 8 position Chick Vice setup for multipart machining
    1000mm x 500mm x 450mm travel.

  • Bridgeport 412x

    4 Axis Milling Machine
    400 x 300 x 300mm traverse plus 4th axis.

  • Bridgeport Interact Series 2

    750mm x 400mm x 200mm travel.

  • Bridgeport Series 1

    Manual Milling Machine.


  • Mill profile
  • Drill
  • Bore
  • C/sink
  • C/bore
  • Keyway
  • Tap thread

Laser Marking

We Offer Best Laser Marking for Metal, Plastic, and Other Materials. We provide laser marking, engraving and etching services including rotary engraving, marking and laser etching.

Laser Marking Capacity and Machine List

  • Boxford 20W Fibre Laser Marking Machine

    110mm Marking Window, Rotary marking upto 150mm Diameter


  • Laser Marking
  • Laser Etching
  • Laser Engraving
  • Rotary Engraving

Surface Grinding

We offer Surface Grinding services.

Surface Grinding Capacity and Machine List

  • Jones and Shipman 540


  • Surface Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Precision Grinding